We’re on a mission to prove that goodness comes from helping others.

The “Pulling Each Other Along” book will inspire, challenge and enlighten, but the book is only the beginning in highlighting some of the good in this world.
Pulling Each Other Along,stories of human kindness
Terry Bradshaw

Pulling Each Other Along, Features Inspirational Works of 31 Chapter Authors

New book includes a foreword by NFL Hall of Famer and broadcaster Terry Bradshaw and NFL Super Bowl Champion Rocky Bleier

Rocky Bleier
Pulling Each Other Along,stories of human kindness

Pulling Each Other Along


Proceeds from each sale of A Pound of Kindness will be donated to the Disability, Dream, & Do (D3Day) programs.


A “pulling each other along” moment may be as small as bringing a wagon to school to give a ride to a classmate who walks with crutches, or a coach, parent or friend that drives you to your very best. Often these moments do not get recognized, but the impact can be extraordinary.

“You may never know the weight that a small act of kindness can have on a person’s life.”
- Dave Clark
Pulling Each Other Along,stories of human kindness
Pulling Each Other Along,stories of human kindness

A Pound of Kindness is a true story from the childhood of Dave Clark, the only professional baseball player to pitch from crutches. He is a National Hero of Sports award recipient and a supporter of children with special needs.

Doug J. Cornfield published A Pound of Kindness to convey the enduring impact of a small, thoughtful gesture with children and parents alike after working with Dave for a period of years through their Disability, Dream, and Do sports activities. What began as a Kickstarter is now a children’s picture book and a movement to empower children of differing abilities through sports.


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